Client Expectations ┃ The Lash Report ┃ Issue No.9

If you do not set realistic expectations for each individual client, you are setting yourself up for a very unhappy client and a very unnecessary headache. It is your job to educate your client during your initial consultation on what is feasible for their natural lash line, what will compliment and enhance their features and the importance of lash health!


The easiest way to set realistic expectations is to EDUCATE! 


The Wish Pic

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A wish pic is a photo of how the client wants their lashes to look. Wish pics are great for educating and to figure out exactly what the client is looking for. Your idea of natural and your clients idea of natural could be very different. Your client also might tell you that she wants long dramatic lashes when in reality it's density that she is looking for. A wish pic will allow you as an artist to decipher if what she is looking for is obtainable and realistic.

- Ask for a "wish pic" 

- What is it about the wish pic do they like? They style? The length? The thickness?

- Analyze their natural lashes.

- Take a photo of their natural lashes with the eye pad on and show it to them. 

- Educate!!!


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 How To Bring Them Down To Earth

1) Analyze their features. Will the style in the wish pic suit them? If no, tell them why and tell what will suit them.


First, give your client a mirror.

"Patty, the style in the photo you showed me is a cat eye. Your eyes are narrow and have a slight downturn to them. If I put a cat eye on you it will only close up your eyes more and emphasize the downturn in your outer corner which will give a sad and tired appearance to the face. 

Instead we can do a modified cat eye or a squirrel eye which will open up the eyes, lift the outer corner and still give you a slight cat eye appearance. It will be a lot more flattering and complimentary to your features."


2) If it's the lash line that is the issue.


First, show your client the photo of their lash line and a photo of a dense and plush lash line.

"Patty, the person in the photo more than likely has a very dense lash line like the one I just showed you which is why she is able to obtain such a dense looking set. If we were to do this on your lash line, your retention would be very poor due to the weight and it would be very damaging to your natural lashes. 

If you come to me with 100 thin lashes, even with volume I can only work with what you have to achieve your best result while maintaining lash health. If someone comes to me with 100 thick and strong lashes I have more room to play while keeping the lashes healthy. Because no two lash lines are the same, each result will be different for everyone."

It's also a good idea to show them a picture of a full set of lashes done on a client with a similar lash line. This will give them a more realistic idea of what the final result will be.



The final result of their lashes depends on,

- The thickness and length of their natural lashes

- The shape of their eye and other features

-The way YOU style the eye with mapping, length, curl and thickness


Educate them and bring them down to earth. Remind them that their lashes will not look like their friends lashes because they do not have the same lash line or features.  If you retail lash serums, this is a great opportunity to introduce them to it. If you do not feel that you are on the same page and can make them happy in the end, don't be afraid to refer them to another technician. By educating and and opening the door to honesty you will be gaining the trust of what could be a long term client.

Finally, execute THEIR best lashes!


To learn more about about properly customizing and styling the eye go check out our 5 star customization guide. Available for purchase in the education section of our website.

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