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ebl eyelash extension review


As lash artists we dump thousands of dollars into different brands and products in hopes of finding our go to lashes, adhesives and tweezers. 

I ordered a ton of EBL products to use and review so that you don't have to! My thoughts on all products below.

Adhesives & Remover

ebl eyelash extension adhesive

Grand Rapid & X Adhesive


-Wallet friendly price point for both adhesive.

-Great adhesive for new lash artists as the curing time is 2-3 seconds. 


-If you are a fast lash artist the curing time won't be fast enough for you.

-Although the retention is decent, I have experienced better retention with other adhesives. 

Final Thoughts

Great adhesive for beginner lash artists or artists who work a little slower and need a longer curing time.


EBL volume eyelash extension tweezers

Volume Tweezers #207


-The "Pick up" point on the tweezer is quite large so its a forgiving tweezer. 

-Amazing price point. They are similar to #112 Lash Makers tweezers but at a cheaper price point. 

- Great for beginners or advanced lash artists.


I can't think of any cons for this product. I lash off of the strip or on a bubble and I had no issues with both of these fanning techniques. I'm not too sure if these would be ideal for the pinch technique. 

They are also very lightweight so If you like to use a tweezer with more weight to them, you won't be a fan of these.


EBL Lash remover review

EBL Gel Remover


-Fast working

-Easy to work with and not too runny


No cons!


EBL eyelash extension review

EBL Classic & Volume Extensions

Classic Lashes

Curls tried: C,CC,D in .15

classic eyelash extensions in whitby

Classic set in CC Curl .15


-Very dark in color

-Holds the curl (I didn't notice the curl straighten out at all)

-Easily removed from the strip

-The strips peels off the tile leaving no residue behind

All in all, EBL classic lashes are my FAVORITE classic lashes to date.


-If you buy the mixed tray, the shortest length is a 8mm. For the most part I use 6mm on inners. 


Volume Lashes

russian volume lashes in boca raton

Russian Volume in M Curl .07

Curls tried: C,CC,D, L+,M


-They all fan very easy.

-All dark in color.

-All curls hold their shape.

-They don't look too shiny or "plasticky" (is that a word?)


- Again, the shortest length in a mix tray is 8mm. If you are purchasing a mix tray to try the lashes out, you will only get maximum 2 full sets out of the tray. 

- I find that on some strips the lashes are all stuck together (a flaw in manufacturing). Its almost as if they were not separated/cut properly in the factory leaving you with certain areas stuck together in the middle.

Final Thoughts on EBL Products

I am not a fan of their adhesives. Like I said before, I lash quickly so I need a faster cure time.

Their price point is great on all products. I was especially surprised with the quality of the tweezers. I paid $25 for the volume tweezers and they worked just as well as other brands which I paid $80+ for.  EBL classic and volume lashes are my favorite to use. I am still testing out M and L curl from other brands but as far are "regular" curls go, EBL is my go to!





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