Follow Loops. Why they don't work ┃The Lash Report ┃ Issue No.13

I have received an overwhelming amount of "follow loop" dm's recently. Although I understand the need to grow your business platform, I do not think this is a beneficial or profitable way to do so.

What is a Follow Loop?

There are a few common variations of follow loops, however I will lay out the most common.

1) A common version is when one person hosts a "follow for follow" loop. They tag 15 people to follow each other in a DM, they follow everyone and tag 15 more people to do the same, and so on, so on. 


2) Another is when you pay a profile with a high following to be apart of a giveaway. "Follow all these accounts to enter to win X." Look familiar?

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Cons of a "follow loop"

1) It screws with your algorithm. You are following a bunch of random accounts, and now a bunch of random accounts are following you. Are they your ideal client or are you just following a bunch of lash artists and beauty industry accounts now? Will this help you achieve more clients? Probably not.

2) Follow loops are only good if the goal is to get more followers. Sure its great for a quick hit of dopamine when your followers go up, but not if you are looking to put your platform in front of people who will engage in your posts and be interested in the products and services that you are offering.

3) Quality vs quantity. 1,000 followers who engage and buy from you is better than 10,000 who do not purchase your product and interact with your posts and actually read what you have to say.

4) They are time consuming. Your time would be better spent interacting on other pages, creating content and making your page more appealing to your ideal customer or client.

In conclusion, a follow loop is short term fix to gain followers that will likely unfollow you in the long run because they were only interested in the follows themselves. Put in the work, put out content that you would engage with yourself and that represents your brand and you will be much better off! 

If it seems too good to be true, it is. Put in the work yourself for a long term payoff.


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