How to Fire a Client ┃The Lash Report ┃Issue No.8

In my last blog post I wrote about all the potential reasons that clients are not rebooking with you, and a few ways you can change that. Now on the opposite end, there are times when you and a client are not a good fit for each other and you must let them go as a client. 

In this blog I will tell you my bullet proof and professional method to firing clients.

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Reasons to fire a client

- Clash in personality

- Unrealistic expectations

- Unreliable

- Does not follow instructions


How to Know When to Fire a Client

- You feel that after exhausting all avenues to compromise or mend the situation, you cannot make the client happy.

- They drain your energy.

- You are not on the same page when it comes to a resolution.

- You dread their appointments. 


My approach to firing most clients is the three strikes and you're out rule. That gives the client more than enough chances to come correct or adjust expectations. 

As soon as you feel like there is an issue with clients start taking notes after every interaction with them. Take notes on what their complaints and concerns are, and how you offered to mend the situation. Take notes on how late they were, what their excuses were when they cancelled last minute, etc. Taking notes is good for a few reasons, one being so that when you do fire them you can have clear facts and dates, and so that you can clearly show the client why you are not a good fit for each other. 


Unrealistic Expectations

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One way to wean out clients with unrealistic expectations is to have a thorough consultation with every single client. 

-Ask for wish pics

-Talk about lash health and realistic expectations with them

-Take a photo of their lash line and show it to them. Tell them why they are not a good candidate for that length, style or service.

-Show them a more realistic photo of what their lashes will look like.

If after you have had multiple conversations with this client and they are still not satisfied, demand more or complain, it might be time to let them go.



Hi Allison,

I am sorry that you are unhappy, however I am not willing to sacrifice the health of your natural lashes in order to obtain the style that you are after. As we have discussed before, your natural lashes simply are not strong enough to obtain such a dense looking set of lashes. I don't think we are on the same page in terms of lash health and for that reason I don't think that we are a good fit for each other. I will no longer be taking you on as a client. I wish you the best on your lash journey!

Take care




You cannot have a patient who is cancelling last minute, showing up late or not showing up at all. It's a complete disrespect for your business and your time. This is where the three strike rule, cancellation fees and deposits come into play!


1st time they cancel last minute - Be understanding but firmly inform (or re-inform) the client of your cancellation policies and let them know that the next time it happens a balance of X amount of dollars will be applied to their account and it must be paid before the rebook with you.

2nd time they cancel last minute - 

Even when they tell you a sad sap story of why they cancelled or did not show up, its important to stick to your policies. You are running a business, not a lash charity.


Hi Allison,

I understand that things come up unexpectedly however, when you cancel last minute I am left with an empty time slot that another client would have been happy to have. Please note, a balance of $120 is being applied to your account and it must be paid before you rebook your next appointment. If this should happen again in the future I will no longer be able to take you on as a client. I respect your time and value you as a client and I expect the same in return. I hope you understand.


3rd time they cancel last minute - 

Hi Allison,

As this is the third appointment with me that you have cancelled last minute I will no longer be taking you on as a client anymore. I wish you the best of your lash journey.

Take care



Does Not Follow Instructions

(After care)

Use the same steps that you would for someone who cancels last minute or does not show up.

1) Educate them during consultation to avoid this situation. Retail them aftercare products.

2) If they show up for their second appointment and have not followed after care instructions, reeducate them, retail them a shampoo and let them know that if you need to deep clean the lashes again at their next appointment, an additional deep cleaning fee will be applied to their service. (There is a difference between a lash bath and a deep cleaning. A deep cleaning takes way more time and is called for because of negligence on their end.)

3) If they continue to mistreat their lashes and do not follow after care its best to let them go. You do not want extra work at each appointment and you also do not want your name attached to crusty lashes. You can either do it in person or you can send them a message when they try to rebook.


Hi Allison,

As we have discussed at previous appointments, after care is a vital role in the maintenance of your extensions and the health of your natural lashes. Because of this I will no longer be taking you on as a client anymore. I understand that they are your lashes but I do not want to play a role in the damage of your natural lashes. I would consider the fact that you are not an ideal candidate for lash extensions as they can be a lot of maintenance, or I would consider a lash lift as it is little to no after care. I have your best interest in mind so I hope you understand.



In Conclusion

Take notes, it can save you in the long run. Do not let a client dictate the service or your time. You are running a lash business, not a lash charity. 

You do not always need to set it up in the "three strikes" method. If you feel during your initial interaction that there are red flags, you can tell them that you are not the right fit for each other because of XYZ. (I have a youtube video on how to spot a red flag client. The link is in my instagram bio.)

When you are going to let a client go approach it in a calm, direct and rational manner. When you are letting them go, let it come from a place of service and wanting what is best for the client, yourself and your energy.  


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