How to Provide a Luxury Service┃The Lashing Room┃Issue No.6

There is a huge difference between a lash tech (basic Betty) and a lash artist. It's all up to you which category you fall under. Let me explain the difference, because you may not even realize which one you are.

I'll list a few things that a Basic Betty does below.

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Basic Betty is content just doing lashes. She doesn't feel she needs to take the extra step because she has clients already, so why put the extra effort in? Why take another lash course when you have already taken one? Why follow up with a client? If they want to have their lashes filled, they will contact you. Right? Wrong. 

In my last blog post (How to Raise your Prices), I said that lashes are a luxury service, so they should be priced as such. That goes for every aspect of your business. If you are going to provide a luxury service, at a luxury price, you need to be a luxury lash ARTIST. You need to be luxury through and through, from beginning to end. Blow them away with your customer service and expertise in the industry.

For example: Basic Betty books a new client in, sends the address and says "See you on the 23rd at 10:00am." Thats great, but so much information is missing! Answer the questions before they have to ask them.

When a Luxury Lash Artist books a new client: They offer a patch test, they explain the service to the client, ask of any allergies, have they had lashes before?

"Okay Tammy, you are all booked for October 23rd at 10:00am. Its best to come in comfy clothes as you will be required to be lay still for 2-3 hours. Feel free to bring headphones to listen to music or a podcast. There is free parking on the street out front and at the side of the building. I accept cash, debit or credit, what ever is easiest for you! Please come with no eye makeup on as it will affect the retention of the lashes. I look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out!

Do you see the difference? 


How To: Luxury Lash Artist


1) Never stop perfecting your craft. The industry is always changing so keep educating yourself. One classic training is not enough. Lash models in your spare time to practice techniques and take your time. That way you can get amazing portfolio shots and you don't need to worry about the clients time.

2) Have Clear instructions on pricing and how to book with you on your instagram and website. If a client or potential client reaches out to you, give them the time of day. Don't answer in one word responses. (There is a free copy and paste response PDF available on my website.)

3) Educate your clients on what lashes, length, curl and style will suit their features best! If you don't know how to do this, educate yourself! It's important to be able to look at your client and visualize what will look best. 

4) Wash your clients lashes at the beginning of each appointment and fan them at the end of the service. Don't make them wash their own lashes and don't make them hold the fan. That is not a luxury experience. You are putting them to work.

5) When you're booking them, offer a patch test, tell them what to expect, walk them through the application.

6) Educate them on the importance of after care. Show them how to wash their lashes to extend the life of their extensions. Make a video on how to wash them and send it to your client. Don't just hand them an after care card and expect them to understand. Hand hold and walk them through it.

7) Follow up with them the next day. Ask them how they are enjoying their lashes. Encourage them to book their next fill.

8) Have your lash space set up in a relaxing and comfortable manner. Have it clean and organized at all times, have a spot for them to put their things. (Imagine walking into a lash room and the trolley looks a mess. You are working in the eye area.)

9) Be presentable. Your look should reflect your prices. Chipped and crusty looking nails around the eye? No bueno. 

10) Constantly look for areas to improve. Eye styling, social media, customer service, efficiency, your lash space, organization, etc.


If you want to be a Basic Betty, thats fine! Do whatever is best for you. Just know that you are leaving money on the table for your business, and it only takes a little more effort to be a Luxury Lash Artist.

There is no down side to being a Luxury Lash Artist. Your business and your personal life can only prosper that way!

The Lashing Room strives to create Luxury Lash Artists and turn Basic Betty's in to Luxury Artists. Bring me the Betty and i'll show you the artist!

If it's eye styling and customization that you really struggle with, I can help you there! My eye styling and customizing guide is available now. Comes with a cheat sheet to use during consultations until you are 100% comfortable with all techniques taught in the guide. You also get access to me if you have any questions what so ever!

Okay, rant over. 

Don't be a Basic Betty and start putting out luxury lashes!






  • Kizzy

    This is so well explained and motivating. Definitely guilty of being basic sometimes due to silly things. I’ll definitely put into practice all of these advices and tricks. Thank you!!! 🤩

  • Danielle

    Im guilty of being a basic betty. This blog post has inspired me to be better though. Thank you.

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