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There is nothing more frustrating than going to a potential lash artist's page, only to find crucial information such as location and pricing missing. You know what I do? I keep scrolling, and that person just lost a potential client. Harsh, I know, but it's true!


Must Have's In Your Bio 

Your bio is like an introduction to your page. It is the first thing that people see when landing on your page so it's important to optimize it and tell the viewer exactly who you are and what you do.

-Your name becomes part of your URL. If someone is searching Lashes and you have lashes in your name, your profile will be pulled up. Make it clear what you do. For example, No one will be searching Tiffany to look for a lash artist, so simply putting your name is a complete waste. I would suggest Tiffany, Eyelash Extension Artist. Or something to that degree.

- Your location ( you could even group this in with your name if you want. Ex, Whitby lash artist or Lash artist located in downtown Whitby.)

- Your services or a brief description of what you do or what you provide

- A link tree or link to an offer, online booking, your website, youtube page, etc.

- A call to action which is usually placed above the link tree. Example: Book Now, Register Today, etc.


Must Have's In Your Highlights

In my opinion I think important details about your serviced and business should be in your highlight section. This will save the viewer having to scroll through your page and look for the information. Like I said, sometimes if I don't find the information right away, I just keep scrolling onto the next account. 

- Your prices! What is the first thing that people ask you when sending you a dm or booking? Your prices. Lashes are a luxury service, so they need to be budgeted. If you are not in that persons price range, they will not book with you, so save yourself the conversation and just make a highlight section for your prices.

- How to book with you. How do you want people to book with you? Is it online? DM you? email you? Let them know in a highlight reel! You can also include any booking information such as I do not fill outside work etc. 

-Services you offer. Plain and simple. Dedicate a section to all of the different services you offer along with some before and after images or service images to go with it.

-Your policies. Let the viewer know what your policies and expectations are. Here you can list you cancellation policies, late policies, no shows, children in the salon, deposits, etc. Make it black and white so there is no confusion. When someone books in you can even send them to your policy highlight to review.

-The products you retail. What do you sell in your studio? Lash shampoo, gift cards, after care kits, lash growth serum?

-Client reviews and testimonials. Not everyone will be looking at your google page (hopefully you have one), so It's nice to put your reviews on your instagram page for potential clients to see.

What you should have on your feed

Obviously you should have tons of photos of your work, including before and after photos, client selfies, etc. I also encourage you to break up your feed with purposeful content that answers viewers questions. Don't even get me started on the random palm tree and rose pics that I see artists posting to make the page more esthetically pleasing. Do they look pretty? Yes. Will they bring the engagement that will have people commenting, liking, scrolling and staying on your page? Hell no. Instead of posting random palm tree photos, here are a few ideas that I encourage you to post on your feed! 

-A photo of yourself. People want to see who they're booking with. It may be nerve wracking but I encourage you to introduce yourself to your followers every so often. Tell them a little bit about yourself. 

-Your Pricing. I graphic of your pricing is helpful. Even though its in your highlight section I would have a permanent post on your feed as well.

-Policies. Again, it's in your highlight section but its a good idea to leave reminders on your actual feed or for potential clients who are skipping over the highlight section.

-Graphics of what you offer and explain what that is. To you it may be obvious what a lash lift is. However, that doesn't mean everyone does. For those who are interested but don't quite know what to expect, explain it to them. Make them feel more comfortable and educate them. 

For Example: This is the first image of a carousel post on my instagram feed. I then go into detail over the next 5 slides about what it is, how long it lasts, before and after photos, who it's good for, the price and how to book. I suggest doing this for each one of your services!

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In conclusion, your instagram is the introduction and the handshake to most people who stumble upon your business. Just think when you ask someone who did their lashes. One of the first thing you ask them is "What's their instagram?" So the next time someone stumbles upon your page or purposefully seeks out your page, make all of your information is there and displayed in an intriguing and professional manner!



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