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How to use a positive mindset for growth in business and your personal life!

I interviewed mindset coach Narley KariKari to dig into all the reasons why a mindset coach will help you succeed in business, kick lack of motivation and come up with a solid roadmap to reach your goals in life and in business!



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Tell me a little about yourself and what you do.

My name is Narley Karikari, I’m Board Certified Life and Mindset Coach, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist from Toronto, Canada. I specialize in helping ambitious women uncover & release the subconscious blocks that create procrastination & self-sabotage, so they can gain more clarity, confidence & cashflow online & offline!
What does it mean to be a mindset coach and how can they be beneficial for an entrepreneur?

As a mindset coach, I focus on what limiting stories, emotions or fears are keeping you from being your best self!
In order to achieve our goals, we literally have to set our minds to it! I show women how to get out of their own way mentally and emotionally and achieve their personal and professional goals.
What are the biggest or most common ways that women sabotage themselves?

The most common ways that women sabotage themselves is by thinking they have to do it all on their own. We’re all in this together and if your insecurities, self-doubt and fears have been holding you back for so long, it’s crucial to find coaches, mentors or therapists who can help you dismantle those blocks and get free.
Our inner beliefs are reflected in our circumstances, so I can’t stress enough how important it is to do the inner work so we can create the results we desire easily and effortlessly.
How can a mindset coach help with entrepreneurship and furthering someone’s business?

Mindset is the foundation of any successful endeavor or business. 
A Mindset Coach can really help you see your blindspots plus point out where you’re not living up to your potential on a deeper emotional and mental way.
Having accountability and someone who can help you release the limiting beliefs and stories will help your business in sales, marketing and promotion. 
Let’s say you have a fear of failure or even a fear of rejection - well, that fear is running subconsciously which can cause you to avoid showing up consistently, creating new revenue streams, or confidently stating your prices for your services and more. Working with a Mindset Coach will help you re-align with your value, vision, and increase your personal confidence so your business grows on a more sturdy foundation, which will always be you as the CEO!

What kind of coaching sessions do you offer?

My coaching sessions are a mix of deep mindset work, confidence building and strategy. 
I use the worlds leading mindset tools and techniques to help release your subconscious blocks and each session and package is tailored to the client’s individual needs and goals.
My sessions are a safe place and time for women to dive deeper and reflect on powerful questions and together we move through the things holding them back. Each session leaves my clients feeling transformed with personal breakthroughs!
I offer Complimentary 30-Minute Mindset Makeovers via Phone/Zoom for women ready to get out of their own way, gain clarity and confidence and reach their next level! 
During the call, I help you discover exactly what’s standing in your way and give you the 3 steps to take to overcome them, for free! 
Schedule your mindset makeover here today: 
One of your Instagram captions said “How’s your mental hygiene” and “how often are you checking your mind set?”. What are some ways that women can check in on their mindset daily?

Women can check in on their mindset by establishing what I call “Non-negotiable Me Time!”. Having the 1st or last hour of the day to completely love on ourselves, say affirmations, read a book or listen to a podcast, or dance and raise our vibrations is great. 
Practicing mindfulness and awareness is a great way too! Question your thought patterns and self-reflect on a weekly basis.

I also set 3 alarm clocks on my phone called “Gratitude O’clock” and when the alarms go off, I drop into my heart and feel grateful for the present moment and everything else in life! A grateful heart is a magnet for opportunities!

What is your best advice or recommendation for someone with feelings of lack of motivation or feeling defeated?

Typically a lack of motivation and feeling defeated can be the result of not having support or having an actual vision or plan. 
We wouldn’t just hop into an Uber without knowing where it was going; the same goes for our lives. We need direction and a vision because a vision directs our behavior.

Feeling defeated is a self-fulfilling prophecy because thats where you stay. Its important to write down your goals on paper, plan your day in great detail before you start it and to always consider the cost of months or years passing by without taking action. 
If feelings of lack of motivation continue, then there’s usually past pain that needs healing and seeking help is highly encouraged and a big act of self-love. 

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Another example of the extremely helpful and positive content you will find on Narley's page @Narleyk

Having worked with and trained many estheticians and lash artists over the past few years I have realized that mindset and confidence is a huge obstacle when it comes to putting themselves out there, starting their business or tackling a new project.  What advice would you have for someone that is hesitant to start a business or project because “someone else is already doing it” or “doing it better”.

Starting a business and entrepreneurship in general is the biggest personal development journey anyone can go on!
While I understand the fears and doubts, at the same time, I think of all the companies that sell White Bread at the grocery store. They know they have competitors but they believe wholeheartedly in their unique type of white bread.
No one is you and that is your power. No one will deliver customer service or install lash extensions like you do, so trust and believe in yourself.

When it comes to comparison, understand that you are never getting the full picture. Their vision isn't your vision anyway, so just focus on your own lane! I always tell my clients to ask themselves, “Would you buy from you?” and if the answer is No, then fix what needs to be fixed, without the self-judgement. 

Putting yourself out there is the name of the game. People cannot pay you unless they know about you! Don’t take it too personal if you don’t get feedback or clients right away, just keep showing up and give yourself a winning chance.

Self-sabotage tends to occur when there's no plan or structure in place, so plan your projects out and ask for guidance when needed! And of course, work on your mindset!
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In a world so focused on social media and perfection, do you feel like social media is good or bad for women’s mental health and mindset? 

One thing I want readers to remember is that nothing has any meaning except the meaning you give it!
Yes we can look at social media as a trap for comparison and show-boating, but then we diminish how amazing it can be for being inspired, learning new perspectives, seeing different types of beauty and finding like-minded friends! 

I personally look at social media as a place we go to socialize and grow and for some of us, bring in clients and help others with our unique gifts. 

It only becomes “bad” when we forget that real life happens off the platform! Unplug as often as needed and don’t look at social media first thing in the morning because that tells your mind that you’re not as important as others!
What are some of your favorite podcasts for mindset?

The Jim Fortin Podcast - (amazing for transformation and business)
The Homecoming Podcast - by Dr. Thema (amazing for healing)
Manifestation Babe Podcast (amazing for mindset and spirituality) 
Favorite mindset books?

Mindset by Carol Dweck
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy 
You Are A Bad Ass by Jen Cincero

Favorite feel good or motivational Instagrams to follow?

@idillionaire - Mindset
@yessuppy - Business & Inspiration
@soulsparks - Selflove 
@createthelove - Relationships 
@narleyk  - Mindset & Transformation (but of course!)
Lastly, remember to never let go of the dream, just let go of the fear surrounding it! <3 
Thank you for this amazing Interview Julia & The Lashing Room!
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