Playlists for your Lash Studio │ The Lash Report │ Issue No.13

The age old question of "What do you listen to with your clients?" Well I can tell you one thing. It is not my own person playlist. I have always said that if someone were to find my phone and go through my playlist, they would think I am a seriously confused person. It would be a very unsettling experience of the soothing voice of Birdy, to an angsty Marilyn Manson song. 

I have compiled a list of relaxing and suitable Spotify playlists to play with clients below.

Playlists On Spotify

- Norah Jones Radio (Very mellow)

- Lofi to help you calm your anxiety (That's the actual name of the play list)

- Stress free (Very chill, has a mix of top 40 and acoustic covers)

- Alina Baraz Radio 

- John Mayer Radio (Acoustic, chill vibe)

-Pink Lady Lash (A playlist made by a lash artist)

- Tash Sultana Radio (Not for everyone. Be sure to check it out before. If you like Tash Sultana, you should like it.)

-Chillout 2020 (Relaxing but still upbeat. Works for all ages.)

-LUX UNCUT (Another playlist put together by a lash artist)

-Peitho Lash (Another playlist put together by a lash artist)

-French Cafe Radio (Chill and funky)

-Hipster BBQ (Alternative, I'm a fan. Think Foster The People and Vance Joy.)

-Coffeehouse Chill (A mix of mellow tunes and some christian hillsong tunes)

-Chill Hits (Exactly how it sounds!)

-Fleetwood Mac Radio

-Stevie Nicks Radio

-Adele Radio

-The Lumineers Radio (A good mix of genres and appropriate for all.)

-Dinner with friends

-Coffee House Covers 

-Birdy Radio (Super chill. Think Lana Delray, Adele and Birdy all in one.)

-Disney Princess Piano (The bomb, all my clients love it and its all instrumental.)


-Moms and Murder

-My favorite murder podcast

-Armchair Expert by Dax Shepard

-Related by Carli and Amanda Bybel

-The Bald and the Beautiful with Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamo

-The Office Ladies (for fans of The Office)

-Level Up Lash Podcast by Tiffany (If you are lashing an industry professional)

-Oprah, Super Soul Podcast


Before selecting a podcast or a playlist to listen to with your client, consider the client, their age, interests, beliefs, etc before throwing one on. If It's a podcast that you are listening to, I usually just ask them if there is a specific podcast that they like to listen to. If you have an older client, or a new client, you are not just going to throw on "Call Her Daddy". That is one sure way to never have that person rebook with you! ha. 

Let's keep this conversation going and help each other out. What are your favorite podcasts and playlists to listen to with clients? Comment down below!



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