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Follow Loops. Why they don't work ┃The Lash Report ┃ Issue No.13

I have received an overwhelming amount of "follow loop" dm's recently. Although I understand the need to grow your business platform, I do not think this is a beneficial or profitable way to do so. What is a Follow Loop? There are a few common variations of follow loops, however I will lay out the most common. 1) A common version is when one person hosts a "follow for follow" loop. They tag 15 people to follow each other in a DM, they follow everyone and tag 15 more people to do the same, and so on, so on.    2) Another is when you pay a profile with a high following to be apart of a giveaway. "Follow all...

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Client Expectations ┃ The Lash Report ┃ Issue No.9

If you do not set realistic expectations for each individual client, you are setting yourself up for a very unhappy client and a very unnecessary headache. It is your job to educate your client during your initial consultation on what is feasible for their natural lash line, what will compliment and enhance their features and the importance of lash health!   The easiest way to set realistic expectations is to EDUCATE!    The Wish Pic A wish pic is a photo of how the client wants their lashes to look. Wish pics are great for educating and to figure out exactly what the client is looking for. Your idea of natural and your clients idea of natural could be very different....

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