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Why Your Clients Eyes Are Red After Appointments ┃ The Lash Report ┃Issue No. 10

First off, I'll start by saying that red eyes are not normal and they are not a good look for your business. If your client has red eyes after their appointment it could be for a number of reasons. 1) Something you are doing, or not doing during the appointment. 2) Something your client is doing during their appointment. 3) An allergic reaction.    Something You Are Doing - Too many products being used during application. Primer, bonding serum, adhesive, lash sealant. The more products being used, the higher the risk of reaction. In my opinion, all you need is to wash the lashes before every appointment. The fewer steps, the better! - Cheap products being used. If you are...

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Client Expectations ┃ The Lash Report ┃ Issue No.9

If you do not set realistic expectations for each individual client, you are setting yourself up for a very unhappy client and a very unnecessary headache. It is your job to educate your client during your initial consultation on what is feasible for their natural lash line, what will compliment and enhance their features and the importance of lash health!   The easiest way to set realistic expectations is to EDUCATE!    The Wish Pic A wish pic is a photo of how the client wants their lashes to look. Wish pics are great for educating and to figure out exactly what the client is looking for. Your idea of natural and your clients idea of natural could be very different....

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How to Provide a Luxury Service┃The Lashing Room┃Issue No.6

There is a huge difference between a lash tech (basic Betty) and a lash artist. It's all up to you which category you fall under. Let me explain the difference, because you may not even realize which one you are. I'll list a few things that a Basic Betty does below.   Basic Betty is content just doing lashes. She doesn't feel she needs to take the extra step because she has clients already, so why put the extra effort in? Why take another lash course when you have already taken one? Why follow up with a client? If they want to have their lashes filled, they will contact you. Right? Wrong.  In my last blog post (How to Raise...

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