The Lash Report │ Issue No.4 │ Reasons for retention issues

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Every lash artist encounters retention issues at one time or another. No need to freak out! Educate your clients on after care and what causes premature lash shedding during their initial consultation. It’s also a good idea to periodically give them reminders. I find it best to make an IG post about it and send it to the client so that they can refer back to it. It’s also a good idea to make a video on how to properly wash your lashes and send that to your client as well.


Here is a list of reasons that can cause poor retention.


On the artists end


Did not wash the lashes before lashing the client

Did not shake the adhesive well enough at the beginning or when replenishing adhesive

Wrong temperature and humidity level in lash room

• Wrong adhesive for your level of expertise or your atmosphere

Not using enough adhesive

• Taking too long to apply the lash (curing before it can adhere to the natural lash)

Palette is placed too far from client’s head (similar to above)

• The lashes you are using are too long or too thick for the client’s natural lashes

Your adhesive is old (Most have a shelf life of 4 weeks once opened)

• You are not replenishing your adhesive enough throughout the service

You are not placing the extension properly

Using adhesive that is low quality

eyelash extension retention issues  

On the client’s end

• Not washing lashes daily

Improperly washing lashes (stop with the baby shampoo already!)

Not brushing lashes daily ( This causes a buildup in the lashes of dirt, debris and lashes trying to shed which in turn will result in poor retention)

• Has oily skin which requires more lash baths, including wiping the eyelids throughout the day

Excessive use of hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms

Wears makeup close to the lash line

Wears makeup containing oil (Most eyeshadows and coal liners contain oil)

Does not remove makeup at night

Does not wash lashes after gym/strenuous exercise

Does not allow skincare to absorb properly before laying down in bed

Uses oil based skincare and anti-aging skincare too close to the eye area

Picking, pulling or rubbing extensions

Sleeps on face

• Certain medications, vitamins and hormones

           Any vitamins that promote hair growth (May accelerate lash cycle)

           Thyroid medications

• Certain eye drops (especially prescription)

• Swimming

•Does not allow steam/heat to leave the oven before going in to get food (Will singe/straighten your lashes and cause retention issues)


Remember, it's your job as a professional to educate your client on how to properly take care of their lashes. No, you cannot control what your client does once they leave your lash room. You can however control how you administer your services and educate your clients. If you cover all of your bases during appointments then you can rule those possibilities out when your client is experiencing retention issues.

If I have missed anything please feel free to comment below!



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