Why Clients Aren't Rebooking With You │ The Lash Report │ Issue No.7

Clients not rebooking? That's okay, they're probably just really busy...OR...your service just wasn't that great. In other words, they're just not into you..and your lashes.

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What you might be doing wrong and a few suggestions on how to change that below.


1) You were not upfront about appointment details such as length of the appointment, parking, what methods of payment you accept, etc.

2) Poor communication and trouble booking.

Example: Your booking method is not fast, efficient or user friendly. Another common mistake us busy lash artists make is giving one word answers when asked questions before booking. I have a free copy and paste "commonly asked questions and responses" PDF available in the Lash Education section of my website. Feel free to download and take advantage.


3) Poor availability and flexibility in schedule. If it's next to impossible to get an appointment with you and you are not accommodating (within reason) then why would they rebook? Be upfront about how fast your schedule books up during their first appointment. It will encourage them to rebook.

4)You are not friendly, personable or professional. Lashes are a luxury experience so you should be treating and interacting with your clients in a friendly and professional manner. Ask them questions about themselves, get to know their needs and wants a little more. You should treat every single appointment like you are lashing your favorite lash artist.

5) You did not educate your client properly during the consultation. You cannot assume that every client knows how long lashes last and how to take care of them. Even if they have had lashes before, educate them as if they are brand new to the lash world.

Examples: How long do lashes last? When should they get a fill? Why should they get a fill? Show them how to properly wash their lashes. Tell them why it's important for retention. Tell them what to do and what not to do.

6) Their lashes did not last. Poor retention might not be your fault but if you did not educate your client properly they will think it is. EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE!!

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7) The style was not flattering. Two words, thorough consultation. If the client wants something that you know as an artist will not look good, you need to educate them as to why it's not suitable and what will be more flattering. If eye styling isn't your strong suit, I have a step by step guide so that you can customize sets tailored to your clients features. This guide is available in the Lash Education section of my website (next to the free FAQ response PDF).


8) Poor overall experience. I'll list below.

- You're a smoker and you smell like an ashtray. (Wash your hands, hair perfume, spray hands with alcohol..I'm not joking.)

- You have bad breath or body odor. (Keep mints on your trolley)

- Your client did not see you wash your hands or sanitize before application. I make it a point for my clients to see me doing this.

- Your bed is too out in the open (assembly line style) and they felt uncomfortable.

- It was too loud in your lash environment. 

- You were on the phone or having conversations with people other than your client. (Especially in lash studios where the lash beds are lined up. This is an issue. Not professional.)

- Your room and or trolley is messy and uncleanly. Your trolley should look like a germaphobes dream scenario. 

- If you work from home it was an uncomfortable setting for them. Your kids running in and out of the room asking for snacks. The dog is chilling in the corner and your house smells like a sea food market from your weird shrimp creation thats sitting in your slow cooker.

- Uncomfortable bed. Have a blanket provided, a pillow for under the knees, a proper lash pillow and a memory foam mattress topper. Just trust me, they will tell you it's more comfortable than their own bed. Pure luxury baby! (Side note, I bought a memory foam twin mattress topper on amazon for $40)


9) The value/experience did not match the price tag. Luxury lash artist vs lash tech. If you have not yet, go read my last blog post (No.6). I tell you how to provide a luxury service from start to finish.

10) The lashes were too heavy, uncomfortable and pinched.

11) You did not follow up after their appointment. It's important to follow up with every client after their first appointment. Just simply tell them that it was so nice to meet them yesterday and ask how they are liking their lashes and if they have any concerns. Many times people don't want to complain, they just simply wont rebook. If you reach out to them and open the door to feedback there is a good chance they will rebook with you and give you a second chance if they were not 100% happy.

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Remember, give your client a luxurious and relaxing experience, make them feel appreciated and show them your expertise during the appointment from beginning to end!

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