Styling & Customizing Manual

Styling & Customizing Manual

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Eyelash extensions are not “one size fits all”. In fact, if you do not style your

clients lashes with their features in mind, you run the risk of distorting their

face and giving them an unflattering appearance. Remember, eyelash extensions

should emphasize your client’s beauty and not take away from it. 

This manual is will teach you how to properly analyze your clients facial features and appearance and execute a perfectly customized set of lashes that will keep them coming back.  

Topics Covered

-In depth facial analysis

-Proper use of lengths and curls, as well as their functions

-5 maps with variations of each one


-Case studies

-Facial analysis "cheat sheet" to use during consultations with your clients

Please note: This is not a physical copy of the manual. It is a digital copy. This manual is not to be used in replacement of training. It is to further your education and your skills in the lashing industry.

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