Lash Lift & Tint - Online Course

Lash Lift & Tint - Online Course

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The Lashing Room online lash lift course is split into 6 different videos that you can watch and learn from the comfort of your own home. In this course you will learn the most up to date techniques, theory and industry tips that you will need to provide your clients with a proper lash lift.

Lash lifts are a very effective way to attract and retain clients who are not suited for other lash services. Some benefits of the lash lift include:

-Long lasting results, roughly 6-8 weeks

-Great for clients of all ages and genders

-Short and long natural lashes can benefit

-Extend your service list and increase profitability within your business

-Higher profit margins due to low product cost and short service times


What This Course Includes

- 6 videos with the most up to date techniques and theory. 

- A PDF download of The Lashing Room manual that covers all topics covered in the video. This includes step by step instructions for the lash lift that you can keep bed side while practicing on models.

- A PDF download of eyelash lift and tint consultation and consent forms.

- Ongoing support from Julia. If you are not confident after the course or have any questions while you are taking the course we encourage you to reach out via email and Julia will happily answer your questions!


Please Note:

In order to make the course more obtainable for you, The Lashing Room did not include a kit. However, you will receive a list of products needed, as well as where you can purchase them. 

This course does come with a digital certificate, however, it is not guaranteed. After you have completed the course and practiced on models, you need to submit examples of your work to the email given to you in the course. If Julia feels that you have fully grasped the technique and you will provide a safe service, you will be sent a digital certificate. 

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